Man who planned to attack President Trump’s motorcade pleads guilty

The man who had planned on attacking President Donald Trump last September has finally been brought to justice.

Gregory Lee Leingang pleaded guilty on Friday to several charges related to his plot to kill President Trump.

The Plan

Leingang had it all worked out — or so he thought.

He was going to steal a forklift, then attack the president’s motorcade with it.

His plan was to drive into The Beast and flip it over.

He then planned to attack Trump and kill him personally.

Things did not work out quite that way for Leingang, though.

His plot was foiled when he was arrested during the attempted theft of the forklift.

Leingang has already been sentenced to 20 years for the forklift heist. His federal sentencing for his plot against Trump is in February.

A local newspaper reported that he is now seeing a prison therapist and psychologist.

Other Attacks Against Trump

While all presidents have to deal with far-wing nutjobs attacking them, Trump seems to have had more than his fair share of attacks.

One of the most notable attacks was conducted by Michael Steven Sandford in Las Vegas.

At the time, Trump was campaigning in Nevada.

Sandford hoped to use the weapons available to him at the event to take out Trump and prevent him from becoming president.

His plan was to grab a gun from a police officer, then unload it on Trump.

Sandford even noticed that one of the officers close by the stage had his holster unlocked.

But when Sandford went for the gun, the officers immediately subdued him and took him into custody.

Eventually, Sandford reached a plea deal dropping his sentence from two decades in prison to a little more than two years.

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According to Sandford, he blacked out during the attack and had no recollection of it whatsoever.

He also issued an apology over the attack, stating: “I wish there was some way to make things better. I have cost taxpayers so much money. I feel terrible.”

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