Man indicted after threatening to murder two Democrats

Another maniac appears to have been taken off our streets.

Nicholas Bukoski has been indicted for threatening to murder several high-profile politicos.

Bernie and Others

Bukoski apparently had a significant problem with the politics of several prominent Democrats.

First and foremost, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) was on his hit list.

He also allegedly threatened to murder Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

In addition to the two senators, Bukoski wanted to off several “March for Our Lives” activists.

April Indictment

The indictment against Bukoski was actually handed down in April, but authorities had to keep the details hidden so Bukoski was not aware of the investigation.

U.S. Attorney Jesse Jiu said of the situation: “Once the bench warrant issues, law enforcement will begin to investigate ways in which to secure the arrests of the defendant.”

Liu continued, “The public disclosure of this indictment at this time could jeopardize future plans to secure the defendant’s arrest, because such a disclosure could result in alerting the defendant of the warrant.”

Bad Apple

According to the report, Bukoski has already had a few run-ins with the law.

Earlier this year, he was arrested for armed robbery.

In addition, he has been reportedly linked to several arson cases.

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This is clearly a disturbed individual that needs to be incarcerated.

Let’s just hope our justice system does not let us down and release him back on to our streets.

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