Man charged in killing of retired St. Louis police captain during recent unrest

Last Tuesday, reports surfaced that a retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn had been murdered during the riots in the city.

On Monday, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported that a man is now in custody for the killing and has been charged with Dorn’s murder.

Brutal killing in St. Louis

As many officers do upon retirement, Dorn worked for a small local police department and also took private security jobs after leaving full-time employment in the big city.

Dorn, who was 77 years old, was attempting to protect a local business from looters and rioters, but Stephan Cannon, 24, allegedly had other ideas.

According to the Post Dispatch, shots rang out and Dorn was fatally hit, later found on the sidewalk outside Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry Shop.

Video evidence leads to arrest

The shooting of Dorn was reportedly captured on a Facebook Live stream, which showed the entire world how truly violent and often depraved such demonstrations have become around the country.

The video pointed to Cannon as the shooter; he was captured entering the store as well as walking toward Dorn’s position with a gun in his hand.

While the video did not capture Cannon firing at Dorn, police stated that he “was the only person standing on that corner” at the time, and once Dorn was down, Cannon could be seen on video heading back toward the shop’s entrance.

In addition to first-degree murder, Cannon has now been charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery, three counts of armed criminal action, and felon possession of a firearm, according to the Post Dispatch.

Good deed turns tragic

Dorn spent 38 years on the St. Louis Police Department prior to his retirement, and even then he could not sit idle, eventually taking a job as the police chief in rural Moline Acres.

Because of his friendship with the owner of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry, Dorn was accustomed to checking on the property whenever its alarm was triggered.

News reports indicate that Dorn headed to the store early Tuesday morning to protect it from looters after seeing on television that the protests had taken an ugly turn. Sadly, that act of generosity toward a friend ultimately cost Dorn his life.

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