Man charged in NYC attack on police is cleared of wrongdoing

 March 4, 2024

A man who was accused of kicking a police officer, in the recent attack that took place in New York City's Time Square, has been cleared of wrongdoing. 

The Associated Press reports that Manhatten District Attorney Alvin Bragg's (D) office has concluded that the individual - 22-year-old Jhoan Boada - played no role in the attack on the officer.

If you followed this news story at all, then the chances are that you are familiar with Boada.

He is the Venezuelan man who infamously flipped off news cameras on his way out of the courthouse. Boada, since the incident, has also been featured in a pro-Trump political advertisement.

He's innocent

According to the Associated Press, after further investigating the matter, Bragg and his office have come to the conclusion that Boada played no role in the attack.

"In a Manhattan courtroom Friday, prosecutors told a judge that further investigation proved Boada did not participate in the attack," the outlet reports.

It continues, "The man seen in the video kicking an officer with pink shoes – initially identified by police as Boada – is now believed to be a separate person. That man has been charged and is awaiting criminal arraignment."

Bragg's office has also released a public statement on the matter, which reads, "After a thorough and diligent investigation, Jhoan Boada has been exonerated as a participant in this assault."

The statement continues, "Our investigation has revealed that Marcelino Estee, not Jhoan Boada, is the individual described in this complaint, wearing the black & white jacket with pink shoes, committing this assault. Marcelino Estee has been charged for his participation. We are therefore moving to dismiss this complaint against Jhoan Boada."


After the court hearing, Boada's attorney, Javier Damien, claimed that his client was the victim of a "rush to judgment" by the media, by police, and by others.

"It was a political football, and people were attacked with a broad brush. It’s very sad," Damien added.

The attack took place on Jan. 27, 2024. Video of the incident shows a group of men physically beating up a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer. The suspects repeatedly kicked and punched the officer, including in the head.

Boada was initially identified as one of the main suspects, and, two days after the incident, he was arrested. He was released the following day, and it was at this point that he infamously gave both middle fingers to the cameras.

Thus far, seven migrants, in addition to Estee, have been charged in the attack.

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