Man attempts to stab Republican congressional candidate after cursing about Trump

Liberals encouraging violence against conservatives are finally getting what they want.

While campaigning, GOP congressional candidate Rudy Peters was attacked by a man brandishing a switchblade and ranting about President Donald Trump.

Harass Them When You Can

It was only about a month ago that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraged liberals to harass Trump administration officials and his supporters at every opportunity.

On several occasions, we have seen liberal entertainers encourage violence against conservatives.

Broadway star Carol Cook recently suggested that someone needed to assassinate Donald Trump.

It appears as though Farzad Fazeli gave them all what they wanted.

While the Republican candidate was at a local festival, Fazeli approached him in what police are calling a very aggressive manner.

Fazeli then started to curse at Peters, ranting about him as well as Trump.

Then, Fazeli pulled out a switchblade and attempted to stab Peters.

Luckily for Peters, the knife malfunctioned and he was not stabbed.

Fazeli initially escaped, but police later apprehended him with the knife in his possession.

Violence the New Norm

We are starting to swim in some very dangerous waters.

Liberals are now willing to resort to violence to dissuade Republicans from running.

They are attacking conservatives in the streets for their political beliefs.

All this because people simply think in different terms than they do.

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Who is responsible for all of this?

Look no further than elected representative like Waters, Hollywood stars, and the mainstream media.

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