Man attacks woman riding a motorcycle – then gets shot dead

A concealed firearm was the only thing this woman had to save her life… and she used it.

While on the ground fighting off a man who had just tried to run her off the road, Aubrey Bowlin shot and killed her attacker.

Road Rage

Motorcyclists often face the ire of drivers.

Aubrey Bowlin found herself in just such a position while out for a ride on her motorcycle.

She had stopped at a light, when a car drove up beside her in what she says was an attempt to hit her.

Bowlin stated, “The one time I leave a little too much space for the car in front of me, he then proceeds to go onto the shoulder and try to ram me with his car on the passenger side of his car, on the left side of my bike and with my left leg, into the cars … to the right of us, which could be considered the fast lane.”

She managed to escape that attempt, but another was soon to follow.

After a second attempt to take her off the road failed, her attacker got out of his vehicle.

When Bowlin saw the man coming after her, she got off her bike to defend herself.

She stated the man then tried to get her helmet off “so that he could further hurt my head.”

Eventually, Bowlin was overpowered and ended up on the ground.

While being beaten by the man, she suddenly remembered she had her gun in her jacket.

She was able to get the gun out and fired off a shot, which ended up being fatal to her attacker.

No Charges

The question remained if her actions were needed in self-defense.

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Listening to her story, there is no doubt had she not shot the man, at the very least, she would have been badly injured.

Authorities were in agreement, as the local prosecutor’s office stated it would not be filing charges against her.

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