Man Who Says He Had an Affair with Barack Obama Calls Out Media for Double Standard

Today’s media is beyond hypocritical, and one man’s story is proof positive how the media attacks conservatives and goes to any length to protect liberals.

Larry Sinclair was more or less villainized by the media when he came forward with his story of an affair with Barack Obama, yet Stormy Daniels story is taken at face value.

The Obama Affair

The alleged incident between Sinclair and Barack Obama took place in 1999.

At the time, Obama was a senator as well as an up and coming star in the Democrat party.

Rather than truly investigate the story and risk embarrassing Obama, the mainstream media attacked Sinclair and never gave any weight whatsoever to his claims.

Keep in mind, at the time, the stories of Obama were running rampant in underground rumors.

Even so, Sinclair’s story was simply dismissed and never gained any traction at all.

Stormy Taken at Face Value

Whereas Sinclair was dismissed completely, with no proof thus far, Daniels’ story of the alleged affair with Trump is being taken at face value.

And to Sinclair’s credit, he is not saying that she should be disrespected or not believed but is rather putting the onus of finding out the truth on the media.

When we look at how these two stories were handled by the mainstream media, it is truly like comparing apples to oranges.

Flaws in Daniels’ Story

Daniels’ reputation and background clearly warrant some scrutiny when it comes to taking her word for the alleged affair.

On this, Sinclair stated, “I do believe there are enough contradictions by Ms. Daniels to justify questioning her motive and truthfulness.”

He continued, “Her statements or non-statements in subsequent interviews implying that her signature was not her signature [and] her back-and-forth on whether Trump paid, her.”

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Sinclair went on to say the double standard set by the mainstream media is “sickening,”

The man is not asking for a free pass, but rather a level playing field when it comes to accusations against conservatives as is given when accusations are made against liberals.

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