Man accused of hiring hitman to murder police officer

The life of another police officer was in danger for merely doing his job.

According to Houston police, 47-year-old Mohammed Mohamed wanted the officer killed after Mohamed was issued thousands of dollars in tickets for business violations. 

The Hit

The unit the officer was working in has a primary focus of local businesses.

It checks to make sure they are following local ordinances, residential improprieties, and lot conditions.

Mohamed, who is a local business owner in the area, had received a slew of tickets for violations, resulting in a five-figure tab with the city.

But rather than pay the tickets, Mohamed decided the better option was to put a hit out on the police officer responsible for writing up the citations.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said of the situation: “The suspect wanted the officer dead because he believed that the officer was interfering in his business operations.”

Luckily, someone came forward and alerted the police Mohamed was looking to put a hit out on one of their officers.

The Set Up

With the information from the tipster, law enforcement decided to set up a sting operation against Mohamed.

A meet was set up and the undercover officer posed as a hitman for hire.

Initially, the plan was to merely maim the officer, hitting him in the face with acid.

Eventually, Mohamed decided that was not enough for what the officer did to his business, so he wanted him dead.

According to Acevedo, Mohamed said, “I don’t want to just injure this officer. I want him killed because that’s the only way that this will go away.”

Mohamed allegedly paid the undercover officer $500 upfront for the job and planned on paying him another $1,500 after the job was completed.

After receiving the down payment, the police staged a crime scene to look like the officer had in fact been killed.

The undercover officer then met with Mohamed to provide him with the pictures of the carried out hit for the remainder of the money.

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When the meet was set and the undercover officer confirmed Mohamed was with him, a local SWAT team moved in to arrest Mohamed.

Due to the violent nature of the crime and Mohamed being a flight risk, authorities are hoping Mohamed will be held without bail.

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