Central Mali attack believed to have resulted in more than 100 Christian deaths

A horrific attack has just been reported in Sobame Da.

Officials are still recovering bodies of the predominantly Christian villagers, but they were burned so badly, an exact number of casualties is not yet known. However, estimates are as high as 130 victims. 

Targeted Attack

According to reports, this is the worst attack in the area in more than seven decades. The central Mali village is home to mostly Christian families.

Residents in this area have been regularly targeted by Islamic terrorist groups, but this attack is by far the worst in recent history.

Sources stated that the Muslim extremists set fire to anything they saw moving in the village.

A representative of the Barnabas Fund stated the terrorists “burned the entire village, including all the people who stayed or did not dare to go out. Only a few men were able to escape.”

Wiping Out Christians

This attack seems to have been meticulously planned and carried out.

The BBC reported the attack was conducted by more than four dozen men on motorcycles and pickup trucks.

The heartless attackers took out everyone they saw, including women, children, and the elderly.

Attacks in this area have increased significantly in recent weeks.

The International Crisis Group has estimated there have been more than four times the attacks this year in May than there were during the same period in 2016.

This is all likely an effort by local jihadists to take over the area and place it under Sharia rule.

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