Survey finds majority of Americans support Trump’s temporary halt on immigration: Report

As part of his administration’s efforts to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has announced several measures restricting new immigration to the United States. And it seems he made the right call.

According to a new poll, a majority of voters supported the president’s efforts to limit further immigration, The Washington Times reported Tuesday, though results were mixed when it came to whether those immigration policies should be a top priority or work to help the stalled economy.

Trump makes his move

In addition to restricting inbound traffic from China and much of Europe due to the coronavirus, President Trump has imposed strict measures limiting border crossings between neighboring nations Canada and Mexico, as the Times reported.

In addition, Trump has also cited provisions within the Public Health Act that allow him to largely prohibit entry into the country by undocumented immigrants and pause the issuance of new green cards and visas, according to the Times.

That last policy — halting new green cards for legal immigrants — appeared to be a key focus of a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the Bipartisan Policy Center.

By the numbers

That survey, which was cited by the Times and sampled 1,987 registered voters between May 6–8, had a margin of error of about 2%. The poll asked respondents if they approved or disapproved of President Trump’s policy to “temporarily suspend the issuance of new green cards for 60 days.”

A total of 58% of respondents supported the policy, including 35% who “strongly” supported it. Meanwhile, a combined 31% disapproved of the move to some degree, while 11% of those surveyed had no opinion on the matter.

Despite the clear majority support for the policy, however, opinions were a bit more split on the question of whether the policy would actually prove effective at protecting American workers and jobs during the impending economic recovery.

A combined 47% said the policy would be “very” or “somewhat” effective at protecting American jobs, the Morning Consult poll found, while a combined 41% believed it would be ineffective.

Another 13% either didn’t know or had no opinion one way or the other.

Another big win

In spite of a great outcry in opposition to President Trump’s immigration policies from Democrats and the media, it seems that a majority of Americans actually support the move.

This just proves once again that Trump is more in touch with the thinking of the average American citizen than his opponents ever give him credit for.

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