Poll: Voters don’t think Trump should be convicted in Senate impeachment trial

An increasing number of political pundits and strategists have already warned that Democrats have a very difficult road ahead of them as far as landing a successful conviction against former President Donald Trump in his upcoming second impeachment trial.

As noted by commentator Ed Morrisey for Hot Air, a recent AP-NORC poll revealed that not only will House impeachment managers and Senate Democrats face a numbers game that they probably can’t win, but it indicated that they’re also facing headwinds in the form of American voter sentiment, who clearly revealed that they don’t think Trump should be convicted. 

Poll Results

The AP-NORC poll revealed a lot about the way Americans are feeling about the former president at this point in time. A sizeable majority of respondents, to the tune of about two-thirds of those who were surveyed, believe that Trump holds at least moderate responsibility for the tragic events that occurred at the Capitol on January 6.

About half of the respondents said that Trump holds a great deal or quite a bit of responsibility for his supporters attacking the Capitol Building, which resulted in five American deaths and scores of injuries.

But here’s the kicker — even though nearly two-thirds of Americans believe Trump is at least somewhat responsible for the Capitol riots, less than half, at 47 percent, believe that he should be convicted in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

Adding to that, 40 percent of those surveyed believe Trump should not be convicted in the Senate trial, which begins on February 9. Another 12 percent aren’t sure one way or the other.

In other words, the survey results feel like while many Americans hold Trump responsible to some degree, they clearly do not believe that he should be impeached and convicted for what happened and if we’re being totally honest, those same people probably just want to move on from the madness and get on with their lives under President Joe Biden.

The Partisan Divide

Though I can’t back it up with a source, I’m quite confident in writing that in no other time in modern American history have Republicans and Democrats been more divided, especially with concern to anything regarding Mr. Trump.

The same survey indicated that a staggering eight out of 10 Democrats believe Trump should be convicted in the upcoming Senate trial, while only one out of 10 Republicans felt the same way. Trump built an unprecedented level of loyalty among seasoned and new Republican voters and the polls continually prove that.

As the Associated Press reported, Republicans who were initially upset in the days after the Capitol riots have mostly toned down their frustrations with Trump now that he’s well out of the White House.

That was made clear nearly three weeks after the riots when 45 Senate Republicans voted in favor of labeling the upcoming impeachment trial as “unconstitutional.” Only five GOP senators — all of whom have a history of going against Trump — voted in favor of trying him.

Coupling that with the virtually impossible task of convincing 17 Republican senators to risk their political careers by voting in favor of a conviction and it’s clear that no matter what the Democrats do this week, Trump will more than likely walk away cleared. Again.

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