Majority of voters believe Joe Biden likely aware of, profited from Hunter’s foreign business dealings

President Joe Biden has adamantly and repeatedly professed his complete ignorance with regard to his son Hunter Biden’s dubious foreign business dealings.

Most Americans simply aren’t buying that assertion, though, as a new poll revealed that nearly seven out of ten Americans believe it is likely that the president has been at least somewhat aware of his son’s questionable business dealings with shady figures connected to foreign governments, Breitbart reported.

Furthermore, at least six in ten Americans suspect that President Biden has personally profited from his son Hunter’s documented business dealings with Chinese government-linked individuals.

Joe likely aware of, profited from son’s dealings

Those findings come from a Rasmussen Reports poll that surveyed 1,000 likely voters between July 14-17 with a 3 percent margin of error that asked about President Biden’s potential level of knowledge and involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

The pollsters found that 69 percent of American voters believe it is likely that Joe was aware of at least some of Hunter’s questionable dealings with foreign businesses, including 49 percent who say it is “very likely.” Just 22 percent said it was somewhat or very unlikely that Joe was aware of Hunter’s dealings, while 10 percent were unsure either way.

Additionally, 62 percent of American voters believe that the president was not only aware but actually profited personally from deals his son made with government-linked Chinese companies. That includes 83 percent of Republican voters and 67 percent of independents, but 55 percent of Democrats insisted that it was unlikely that Joe profited personally from Hunter’s deals.

That said, only 32 percent of respondents thought it was likely that ongoing investigations into Hunter’s dubious dealings would actually result in federal criminal charges against the president’s son.

Hunter’s laptop shows Joe knew

The New York Post, which has been at the forefront of the portion of the media willing to report on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings — and evidence of such derived from his abandoned laptop — reported that the Rasmussen poll also found that 55 percent of American voters were “closely following” the developing news reports about the laptop and Hunter’s questionable activities with foreign individuals.

As to whether Joe has been truthful about his awareness of Hunter’s business dealings, the Post noted that a personal calendar found on the laptop showed that Hunter met personally with his then-vice president father immediately after returning home from 30 different business trips overseas between 2008 and 2016.

Further, that calendar also showed that one of Hunter’s top business partners, Eric Schwerin, president of Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca Partners firm, was in attendance for at least 21 of those 30 meetings with then-Vice President Biden.

Joe and Hunter will likely get away with everything

President Joe Biden has repeatedly lied to the American people about his level of personal awareness and involvement in his son’s shady foreign business dealings, but a strong majority of American voters have seen right through that blatant dishonesty and don’t believe his claims.

As to the fact that 56 percent of voters, according to the Post, believe that Hunter will never actually be prosecuted for his apparent alleged financial crimes — which would likely compromise Joe and be an impeachable offense, if he was aware or knowingly benefited — that says more about the hugely hypocritically dysfunction and partisanship of Washington D.C. and the grossly politicized two-tiered system of federal justice.

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