Majority of US voters choose ‘economy’ as primary issue that will influence their midterm vote

If you’ve noticed the Biden administration and leadership-level Democrats incessantly attempting to place the blame for America’s economic woes on Russia and Vladimir Putin, there’s a tactical reason as to why they’re now blatantly lying about the issue.

According to Breitbart, the November midterms are nearing, and even prior to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the party was already expected to take a beating. Now it’s even worse, and the polls, including a recent survey from Redfield & Wilton Strategies, clearly show that the economy is the number one issue on Americans’ minds heading into the election. 

The poll simply asked Americans what issues are most likely to influence their vote in November, and the results undoubtedly have Democrats in a complete panic.

While it also broke down the results by political party as well, the answers from both Biden and Trump voters revealed matched somewhat closely on many issues.

The results

The survey began by asking respondents what issues will influence their vote in November, providing them the option of three possible answers.

Topping that list was the economy, with 61% dialing in on that issue as the most important. It’s not a stretch to presume that that number will rise in the coming weeks and months as inflation continues to spiral out of control and prices of everyday items continue to increase across the board.

The next most important issue, which was a distant second, was healthcare, with 34% of voters placing it in their crosshairs for Nov. 8. In third place was COVID-19, with 26%.

Biden’s immigration crisis at the border made the “top issues” list at fourth place, with 24% of voters focusing on that issue for the upcoming election.

Results by party

The economy was still the number one issue for Democratic and Republican voters, with 58% of Biden voters choosing it as their first priority, and a staggering 72% of Trump voters choosing it as the top issue.

Healthcare and COVID-19 rounded out the top three issues for Democrats, while immigration and healthcare completed the Republican voters’ top three issues.

Even worse for Biden and Democrats, the poll revealed that overall, former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in approval rating by two percentage points. Trump also won a hypothetical 2024 matchup.

The party in power already has a historically difficult time in holding onto power in a midterm election, and that’s when things are relatively normal. Given all the issues facing America right now, it wouldn’t be surprising, according to the pundits, if Republicans manage to take back majority power in both chambers, and likely the presidency in 2024.

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