Majority of Americans ‘not confident’ Biden can perform his duties, new poll says

It was already clear that those who voted for President Joe Biden mostly did so because they didn’t like former President Donald Trump, not because Biden was expected to be an amazing president.

According to the New York Post, it’s now also clear that the president’s handling of the Afghanistan blunder is absolutely tanking his approval numbers. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey revealed that a majority of Americans believe that Biden is unfit to carry out the duties of the presidency. 

The numbers are bad

In recent weeks, Biden’s approval numbers, generally all around, have plummeted, with the Afghanistan debacle expected to take an even bigger toll, as the latest Rasmussen Reports survey indicates.

The survey, which was taken on Wednesday and Thursday, revealed that only 39% of Americans believe that Biden is “doing the job of president.” In contrast, 51% of respondents indicated that they believe “others are making decisions,” while 10% said they weren’t sure.

As the Post pointed out, compared to the numbers from the same poll conducted in March, the latest numbers represent a drastic drop in confidence in Biden’s abilities to lead America.

Making matters worse for Biden, who has been widely panned for his response — or lack thereof — to the Afghanistan situation, only 46% of respondents said they were “confident” in Biden’s ability to be the commander-in-chief, while a stunning 52% indicated that they are “not confident” that he can uphold those duties.

The poll was taken shortly after Biden managed to take time away from his Camp David vacation and finally address a concerned nation — and the world — regarding his take on what’s happening on the ground in Afghanistan.

Hidin’ Biden

The president has taken extreme criticism — even from usually friendly media outlets — over his glaring absence on the Afghanistan crisis where thousands of Americans are currently trapped behind enemy lines with no real guidance on how to safely get to the airport in Kabul.

He finally emerged on Monday to address the situation but did very little to comfort those on the ground in Afghanistan or family members and friends who are wondering if they’ll ever see their loved ones again.

On Wednesday, Biden broke from his vacation once more, but only to talk to Americans about a COVID-19 booster shot, making no mention of the Afghanistan crisis. Even worse, the president scurried away from the podium and refused to answer a single question from reporters.

On Friday, Biden once again returned to the White House to deliver remarks on Afghanistan but instead was criticized for spouting off lie after lie. He also insisted that any American in the war-torn country could safely pass through Taliban checkpoints, which turned out to be false, as reports emerged that Americans are being beaten and harassed on their way to the airport, as Politico noted.

At this point, it’s perfectly clear that Biden has completely lost control of the situation and his legacy will be forever stained with humiliation over what many are already labeling as the worst foreign policy disaster in modern U.S. history.

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