Majority of Americans believe Biden is a 'weak leader' when America needs strength the most

 May 5, 2024

A majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden is a "weak leader" while a majority believe former President Donald Trump is a "strong leader," Breitbart reported. This fact could tip the scales in the 2024 presidential election in the face of several challenges requiring strength.

The Economist/YouGov poll asked respondents about whether Trump or Biden were considered "strong" or "weak" leaders. In the survey published this week, 58% believe Trump is a "strong leader," including 35% of those who believe he is "very strong."

Notably, 42% believe that Trump is a "weak leader," with 32% reporting he is "very weak." This seems significantly negative until compared to how respondents reported feeling about Biden's leadership.

Of the adults polled between April 28 and 30, a whopping 65% consider Biden to be a "weak leader." The opinion that he's "very weak" is shared by 45% of the respondents and marks a four-point increase in that number over another March poll.

The Next Four Years

Whether Biden remains or Trump retakes the White House, the next four years will be fraught with many challenges for the next president. The most significant of those challenges include two major conflicts that threaten global security.

Biden's weakness has already led to the war between Russia and Ukraine as well as the conflict between Hamas and Israel. The worst part is that Biden has no strategy for resolving either despite the U.S. taxpayer money being poured into them, The Hill reported.

Moreover, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken seemed to suggest that the U.S. is not operating out of a place of strength when it comes to Russia based on his recent remarks. Blinken said that ending the war "depends mostly on Vladimir Putin and what he decides."

Resolving the conflict between Israel and Hamas hasn't gone any better for the Biden administration. While there is some movement toward "six weeks of peace" due to a hostage negotiation "Hamas has not fully rejected," it will be a short-term solution for a complex problem.

Meanwhile, Iran has attacked the U.S. armed forces via their proxies without much pushback from the administration. This comes as the nation also increasingly threatens Israel.

The Worst Time for Weakness

There couldn't be a worse time for Biden to be seen as the weaker leader than now, when projecting strength and perhaps even acting on it is vital to the U.S. Trump offers a stark contrast, especially in the war between Hamas and Israel.

Biden is struggling between the radicals in his party who support Hamas and conventional Democrats who want to see Israel continue to exist. Trump has no such qualms and recently advocated for Israel to capture a decisive victory, the Associated Press reported.

"Get it over with, and let’s get back to peace and stop killing people. And that’s a very simple statement," Trump said in April.

"They have to get it done. Get it over with and get it over with fast because we have to -- you have to get back to normalcy and peace," he said of Israel.

Voters comparing Biden to Trump need only examine the record of each man when it counts. There's no doubt that Trump has proven himself to be the stronger leader, and it's highly unlikely anything Biden does now will be able to overcome that fact.

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