Majority of American voters believe Pelosi’s 1/6 commission is ‘biased’

Many have alleged that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) formation of a special committee to investigate the events that took place on Jan. 6 at the Capitol building is nothing more than a political weaponization of the issue in order to smear Republicans heading into the 2022 midterms.

According to Breitbart, new polling data seems to bolster those claims, as a staggering 58% of respondents in a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey indicated that they believe Pelosi’s committee is “biased” in favor of Democrats.

Only 42% of the survey’s respondents believe that the committee is fair.

“The voters reject the Pelosi move to toss Republicans off of the committee and see it now as just a partisan exercise,” Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey codirector Mark Penn said.

Clearly, it’s biased

The poll’s results shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Pelosi faced intense backlash after she rejected House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) selection of Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) to sit on the committee.

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee,” Pelosi said last month, as The Hill noted.

Instead, Pelosi eventually selected Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), two of the most anti-Trump, Democrat-friendly GOP members of the House. Pelosi’s rejection of Banks and Jordan would spark McCarthy to announce a total boycott of the Jan. 6 committee altogether.

McCarthy would go on to label Pelosi’s carefully crafted, heavily partisan committee as an “egregious abuse of power.”

“Unless Speaker Pelosi reverses course and seats all five Republican nominees, Republicans will not be party to their sham process and will instead pursue our own investigation of the facts,” McCarthy said at the time, according to CNBC.

What do voters want?

While the full results of the survey have not yet been made available, Penn hinted at what topped the priority list for American voters, and the events of Jan. 6 were nowhere near the top.

“Americans want an examination of the riots over the summer and the origins of the virus over investigating Jan. 6th,” Penn told The Hill.

Only time will tell how far Pelosi intends to take her new commission. It would be a safe bet to presume that she’ll stretch it as close as possible to the 2022 midterm election season in order to inflict maximum public relations damage on a number of Republicans running for reelection.

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