Poll: Majority of voters deem Kamala Harris unqualified to assume presidency

Perhaps the most important factor for any serving vice president is that they are widely viewed as capable and qualified to assume the duties of the president at a moment’s notice.

Based on a recent poll of American voters, that simply isn’t the case for Vice President Kamala Harris, who is viewed unfavorably and unqualified to be president by a majority of respondents, Breitbart reported.

Harris viewed as unqualified

An April 19-20 Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters found that Harris was viewed unfavorably by 51% of voters, including 43% who viewed her “very” unfavorably, with a margin of error of 3%.

Harris received a favorable view from 46% of voters, including 28% who had a “very” favorable view of her.

As for her qualifications to succeed President Joe Biden in the Oval Office, 46% of voters believed Harris was qualified for the top job while 50% believed that she was not qualified, according to the Washington Examiner.

The slim majority who viewed Harris as unqualified for the presidency included 9% who said she was “not very” qualified and 41% who viewed her as “not at all” qualified.

Pence was viewed as well-qualified

A similar survey from Rasmussen four years ago found that Vice President Mike Pence was viewed by a significant majority as being capable and qualified of immediately taking over the presidential role.

That survey in April 2017 found that 63% of voters viewed Pence as being qualified to assume the responsibilities of the presidency at that moment, which included 40% who said he was “very” qualified.

The pollsters found that 32% believed Pence was unqualified for the presidency, including 15% who viewed him as “not at all” qualified.

Perceived qualifications matter

The perception of a vice president’s qualifications to assume the role of the presidency matters, perhaps more so than usual in the case of Biden and Harris. The New York Post reported in August 2020 that, according to a Rasmussen survey at that time, roughly 59% of voters believed that Biden would be incapable of completing his four-year term in office and would have to be replaced by his vice president.

The betting markets also provide a glimpse into the views and perceptions of voters.

Gambling.com recently reported that, prior to the election, bettors gave Biden a 75% chance of completing his first term, but those odds fell to around 60% at his inauguration and now stand at around 55% after his first 100-days in office.

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