Polls: Clear majority of GOP voters skeptical of results, believe election was unfair

Even as Democratic nominee Joe Biden pushes forward with his planned transition into the White House, President Donald Trump’s campaign continues to insist that widespread voter fraud and irregularities were factors in the still-contested election.

Despite the mainstream media’s assertion that such concerns are irrational, several recent polls show a significant number of Republican voters agree with Trump’s take, as reported by Breitbart.

Majority of GOP feels cheated

According to Breitbart, Morning Consult found in its latest poll of 1,996 registered voters that 63% of self-identified Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was not held in a free and fair manner. Four in 10 respondents said they “definitely” believe it was an unfair race.

The survey, which was conducted between Nov. 20-23, showed a mere 18% of Republicans think the president should concede the race to Biden right now.

About 46% of GOP respondents said Trump should concede only if he is unable to provide evidence in a timely manner to support his claims of fraud. More than one in four insisted that he should not concede under any circumstances.

On a deeper level, this election appears to have prompted a precipitous drop in the party’s willingness to trust the electoral system. Two-thirds of Republicans had faith in the process prior to the election, compared to just 37% who said the same in the most recent poll.

Furthermore, the survey indicates that members of the GOP are increasingly skeptical of various aspects of the vote-counting system, with 78% citing mail-in ballots as a potential method of perpetrating voter fraud. Nearly three-fourths of all respondents in the party said they believe ballots had been altered.

“We won it by a lot”

More than 60% of Republicans expressed concerns that poll watchers were not granted full access to the counting process and more than half believe that voting machines were hacked or otherwise compromised.

This was not the only survey to reveal such distrust among Trump’s supporters. In a CNBC/Change Research poll conducted between Nov. 18-21, nearly three in four Trump voters said they believe the president was the actual winner of the race, Breitbart noted.

Only 3% of those respondents agreed with mainstream media projections that Biden had truly been victorious on Nov. 3.

Similarly, Politico polled 1,500 voters over more than a week beginning on Nov. 10 and determined that 79% of Trump voters felt the election had been “stolen” by means of fraud and illegal voting. A full 62% said they refused to accept the results as agreed upon by the media.

As recently as Wednesday, Trump continued to fuel distrust in the election system, declaring: “This was an election that we won easily. We won it by a lot.”

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