New poll shows majority of GOP voters would replace McConnell with different Senate leader

Despite predictions of a massive “red wave” in this year’s midterm elections, Republicans barely gained majority control of the House and failed to achieve a majority in the Senate, and actually stand to potentially lose a seat in the upper chamber.

Given those disappointing results, a recent poll showed that a majority of GOP voters are now calling for the party to pick a new leader to replace Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Conservative Brief reported.

The situation was only slightly better for the top Republican in the House, Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who is poised to become the next House Speaker, as he is viewed almost as unfavorably as McConnell but nonetheless maintains plurality support for his continued leadership among GOP voters.

Majority of GOP would replace McConnell as leader

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 likely voters between Nov. 20-21, with a margin of error of 3 percent, and asked about the favorability of the top two Republican leaders in Congress — McConnell in the Senate and McCarthy in the House.

Overall, only 28 percent of all voters held a favorable view of McConnell, including just 5 percent with a “very favorable” opinion, while 64 percent have an unfavorable opinion of McConnell, including 35 percent who view him “very” unfavorably.

Among all voters, only 21 percent believe that McConnell should continue to be the Republican leader in the Senate while 61 percent believe that he should be replaced, a number that includes 62 percent of Republicans — and 66 percent of self-identified conservatives — along with 58 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of unaffiliated voters.

Republicans mostly fine with McCarthy

As for McCarthy, Rasmussen found that he is viewed favorably by 37 percent of all voters, including 11 percent with a “very favorable” view, compared to 46 percent who view him unfavorably, which includes 26 percent with a “very unfavorable” opinion of the top House Republican.

With regard to his continued leadership, 47 percent of all voters think he should be replaced while 31 percent believe he should remain, but those numbers are nearly reversed among just Republicans, as 46 percent of GOP voters want McCarthy to still be the Republican leader in the House while 38 percent would like to pick a new leader.

Among self-identified conservatives, the margin was a bit closer for McCarthy, with 42 percent in favor of his continued leadership compared to 38 percent who think he should be replaced by House Republicans.

Anti-McConnell animus likely stems from feud with Trump

The Washington Examiner‘s “Secrets” by columnist Paul Bedard sponsored the Rasmussen survey of the GOP’s “McLeadership” duo in Congress and reported that this poll could spell trouble for McCarthy as he prepares to fend off any potential challengers against his Speakership bid in January.

As for the deeply unfavorable view and desire to replace McConnell among Republican voters, Bedard surmised that that could be the result of the Senate leader’s feud with former President Donald Trump and the perception among many of Trump’s supporters that McConnell was an obstacle to the former president’s agenda, save for the few aspects he agreed with and supported, such as the confirmation of conservative judges.

Unfortunately for those Republican voters who want to see change, and despite calls from some elected Republicans for delays in the decision, the Senate has already picked its leadership team for the next term and McConnell was chosen by his colleagues to remain as the Senate GOP leader.

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