Majority believe Wisconsin Gov. Ivers should be replaced, poll says

Not only are congressional Democrats facing an uphill challenge as far as hopes of winning election or reelection in 2022, but a number of Democratic governors across the country also seem to be slipping in the lead-up to next year’s election cycle.

According to Breitbart, Wisconsin Governor Tony Ivers (D) is already at a sizeable disadvantage with regard to his chances at being re-elected next year, as a recent poll revealed that a slight majority of voters in his state believe he should be replaced “with someone new.”

The news is especially troubling for Ivers, as he kicked off his gubernatorial career by barely beating his opponent, Republican Scott Walker, by a razor-thin margin of 1.1% in the 2018 election.

The numbers are in

In a survey conducted earlier this month by Cygnal, only 45% of voters believe Ivers should be the state’s governor once again, while 52% believe it’s time that he is replaced.

The survey also revealed more than just how Wisconsin voters might cast their ballot next year, as they were also asked about Ivers’ performance on the job, which also points to troubled waters ahead for the Democrat.

Sixty percent of respondents indicated that they feel Wisconsin is on the wrong track, while 56% of the same voters believe that America is on the wrong track, which equals a -4 net-unfavorable view held by the respondents of Ivers’ job performance.

Making matters worse for Ivers is the fact that the latest polling reveals that a generic Republican challenger is currently statistically tied with the incumbent heading into next year’s election cycle.

Cygnal CEO and Founder Brent Buchanan summarized the survey results by saying, “I’d be worried if I was Governor Evers.” He added: “Voters clearly aren’t happy with the direction he’s taken the state. When it comes to putting Republicans in Governors’ seats, Wisconsin is ripe for the picking.”

Ivers isn’t the only one

Another notable incumbent Democratic governor facing increasing odds against winning another term is Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), who has seen a steep decline in popularity due in part to her extremely strict reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with related scandals.

“While most Governors in the country – regardless of party affiliation – came out of the pandemic with strong marks for their leadership, Governor Whitmer appears to have used it as an opportunity to make voters like her less,” Buchanan said.

A June poll pitting a generic Republican against Whitmer in 2022 revealed bad news for her, as the generic Republican easily defeated Whitmer with 52% of the vote, to the sitting governor’s 41%.

While many Democratic governors bent over backward to appease those who encouraged and supported radically strict approaches to the pandemic in an attempt to stay trendy, it looks as though that those decisions could very likely backfire in the near future.

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