Strong majorities say inflation has impacted their lives, Biden bears most of blame: Polls

Rising inflation has been affecting American families for the better part of a year — that is, whenever they can actually find what they need on the shelves amid a crisis in the global supply chain.

President Joe Biden and his administration, along with their cronies in the mainstream media, at first were quick to dismiss reports of inflation and product shortages. But a new poll shows that while the White House may think it’s no big deal, for the American people, it’s a massive problem.

Inflation is hurting — and Biden is to blame

A recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll found 77% of American adults believe inflation has impacted their lives, and 57% of Americans placed the bulk of the blame for that at the feet of President Biden.

According to the pollsters, 61% of respondents also acknowledged that “shortages of goods and services” had impacted their personal lives, and nearly half were concerned these shortages would prevent them from getting the items they want or need this holiday season. More than half were concerned that inflation would hinder their holiday shopping.

The concerns about inflation and shortages cut across partisan lines, and though Republicans and independents were far more likely to complain about it — and to place blame on Biden for the problems — nearly 70% of Democrats also admitted being personally affected by the issues.

As for how Biden is handling it all, roughly a quarter of Democrats said he isn’t doing enough, around a third were unsure of what he’s been doing, and less than half thought his actions had been sufficient.

The poll, taken between Nov. 17-19, surveyed 1,696 U.S. adults and had a margin of error of 2.6%.

Bidenflation causing a “bad” economy

Similar results were obtained from a recent CBS News/YouGov poll, which surveyed 2,058 U.S. adults between Nov. 15-19 with a 3% margin of error. According to The Hill, that poll found 67% of respondents disapproved of President Biden’s handling of inflation, while only 33% thought he was handling the issue well.

The poll also saw 64% rate the economy right now as “fairly bad” or “very bad,” and of those, 84% pointed to inflation as the primary reason for the “bad” economy.

Another 82% of those polled acknowledged that goods at the store cost more now than they used to, while around 66% said they’d had a hard time finding exactly what they were looking for due to shortages at the shelves.

All of that and more has contributed to President Biden’s low approval ratings. The Yahoo/YouGov poll pegged Biden’s approval at 43% overall, while the CBS/YouGov poll notched it at 44%.

Democrats sure have their work cut out for them ahead of the 2022 midterms.

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