Major U.S. radio network blasted for 'left-wing bigotry'

July 9, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

National Public Radio is getting called out for its "left-wing bigotry" after it takes up to 23% of its budget from American taxpayers – and then willfully offends significant numbers by promoting the LGBT ideology and abortion.

The comments come from Rob Schwarzwaler, a senior lecturer at Regent University.

In a report posted online at the Washington Stand, a division of the Family Research Council, he explained the problem.

"National Public Radio (NPR) has long been a mainstay of elitist liberalism. As I have written before, although some of its news coverage, especially on international issues, remains useful, its biases are now so overt as to disinvite any confidence in its claims to fairness."

He cited multiple promotions of the LGBT ideology in just three days: A report of LGBT veterans receiving benefits, "protests" against LGBT ideology turning "violent," how schools and parents can promote LGBT ideology, the Bud Light boycott, and the LGBT agenda, and a campaign by a transgender politician.

It was the Western Journal that recently reported up to 23% of NPR's budget comes from taxpayers, and NPR itself states that such funding is essential.

"That bias is pronounced with respect to evangelical Protestants. I’ve found several stories since January of this year dealing with evangelicals, two of them with the passings of Tim Keller (whose social conservatism and theological orthodoxy are not mentioned) and Pat Robertson (whose detractors are quoted at length). The others are, predictably, antagonistic ('An evangelical superstar left her church but kept her faith;' 'He walked away from his evangelical roots to escape feeling suffocated;' and 'Black praise in white pews: when your church doesn’t love you back')."

Other NPR points include "Christian nationalism," but it "Neglected entirely, of course, is any coverage of all that evangelicals do that profoundly benefits our society."

Further is NPR's promotion of abortion, which it covers "exhaustively."

During June all 10 abortion stories were "sympathetic" with “the right to choose," the report said.

It even, notoriously, covered live an abortion, where the sounds of a woman's cries were heard.

The report explained what Americans should do is contact NPR about its chosen ideologies.

"Kelly McBride is NPR's 'public editor,' or ombudsman. She can be reached by Twitter at @kellymcb and @nprPublicEditor, the NPR webpage, and NPR’s Facebook page," the report said.

Until course corrections are evident, he said, "NPR should change 'public' to 'progressive.'"

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