Major network news programs haven’t mentioned Hunter Biden’s name since last July

Nearly two weeks ago, The New York Times finally admitted that they had determined Hunter Biden’s laptop, and its contents, were authentic. One would think that with The Times‘ findings, network news would be all over it.

Except, that’s exactly what did not happen. According to Fox News, NBC, CBS, and ABC have not only failed to cover the bombshell story, but according to a jaw-dropping study, they haven’t mentioned Hunter Biden’s name — not even once — in 259 days. 

According to the research study, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight,” CBS’ morning offerings, “CBS Evening News,” NBC’s “Today,” and “NBC Nightly News” haven’t mentioned Hunter Biden’s name since last July.

Left-leaning media news outlets have been heavily criticized by the right for purposely ignoring the story, but the new findings shed an entirely new and alarming light on just how far those outlets will go to protect a Democratic president.

“Scandal after scandal”

The findings came after the Media Research Center launched a study to find out when the broadcast network news shows last covered Hunter Biden. MRC research director Scott Whitlock held nothing back in describing the results.

“It has now been 259 days — 37 weeks — since July 12, 2021. That’s when any of the corrupt network newscasts last uttered the words ‘Hunter Biden,'” Whitlock said.

He added: “Scandal after scandal, nothing seems to shake the determination of the ABC, CBS, and NBC morning and evening news shows to keep the public from knowing about the President’s wayward son and his sketchy financial and foreign dealings.”

While many on the left have attempted to downplay the Hunter Biden scandal, and the scandal involving the cover-up of any negative Biden stories, many believe that by suppressing what was likely the scandal of the decade, Joe Biden gained an unfair advantage in the 2020 election.

Some studies have revealed that a majority of voting Americans were completely unaware of the Hunter Biden story when they cast their vote for Biden last year.

“Say his name”

Whitlock insisted that it’s also preposterous that the major networks haven’t mentioned Hunter Biden’s name in the wake of The Times‘ story two weeks ago, calling upon them to now do so.

“Twelve days after the Times confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, ABC, CBS and NBC are still silent. They need to say his name, report on this controversy, and all the other Hunter Biden scandals,” Whitlock said.

Only time will tell if the networks come around to reporting on the massive scandal, but given that its a critical midterm election year, with Democrats already facing a potential bloodbath, it’s likely that they’ll continue to conveniently ignore the story in the hopes of their viewers never knowing any different.

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