Major Nation Condemns WHO for ‘Unscientific’ COVID Guidance

The World Health Organization based its estimate of the number of people who would die from the COVID-19 pandemic on “erroneous assumptions” and “unscientific” model, charges the government of India.

The WHO’s estimate – nearly twice as high as India’s official COVID death toll – reflected the “one size fits all” approach of the United Nations agency, the government said, Breitbart News reported.

The complaint, summarized by the Times of India, was presented to a meeting of Parliament on Tuesday.

The WHO’s model estimates the total of Indian coronavirus fatalities is about 4.7 million higher than the official government figure of 5.2 million.

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India’s health minister, Bharati Pravin Pawar, argued the WHO’s modeling might fit smaller countries but cannot be applied to a massive, diverse country like India.

“The mathematical modeling based approach by WHO suffered from a number of inconsistencies and erroneous assumptions,” Pawar wrote.