Major media get sued for suppressing truth on COVID and biggest stories

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has joined with several other plaintiffs to sue major media outlets for suppressing competition

The complaint accuses the Washington Post, Associated Press, BBC, and Reuters of infringing on antitrust laws by attacking others’ reporting on issues such as COVID-19 and more.

The action alleges the defendants are illegally boycotting some news reports under the guise of a coalition that was intended to crack down on misinformation.

The complaint charges the “Trusted News Initiative,” launched by the BBC only years ago, violates the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.

That law prohibits industry cartels, price fixing, and a variety of other anti-competitive schemes.

Kennedy’s complaint accuses the defendants of conspiring to denigrate conservative talking points about COVID, the vaccinations, treatments including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, the Hunter Biden laptop, and more.

new report at the Daily Sceptic explained one charge is from Creative Destruction Media, which charges that Facebook, “blocked all CD Media content after a post that included images of Hunter Biden from LinkedIn and Facebook and stated, ‘we have the Hunter Biden sex tapes … one per hour being released.'”

The tenor of the case is that BBC and others have been suppressing “wholly accurate and legitimate reporting” in order to push forward their own “economic interests.”

The report added, “The BBC has been accused in a Texas court of suppressing competition in the online news market, thereby depriving people of vital information about matters of legitimate public concern. These include COVID-19 lockdowns, safety information about the mRNA vaccines, and the Hunter Biden laptop story. TNI was set up in 2019 and acts as a gatekeeper on a number of issues, including Net Zero and the ‘climate emergency’.”

The case explains that legacy media outlets feared for their own economic survival.

The filing accuses TNI members of agreeing to suppress competition, complaining, “Every news company has the right to decide for itself what to publish, but they have no right to combine together to restrict what their rivals can publish.”

The case charges that Big Tech was involved to the point of censoring reporting that did not agree with members’ own claims.

Still being disputed are reports about the Hunter Biden laptop, the origins of COVID, the wearing of masks, and more.

The report noted, “A small number of online social media giants have taken over the digital town square and are the beneficiaries of almost all online advertising. They have enormous power to destroy news publishing businesses, as do any media companies that join forces with them.”


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