Major broadcast networks spent 30 minutes covering Hunter Biden’s laptop over 18 months

If you have people in your life who simply aren’t all that familiar with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, it’s probably not entirely their own fault.

According to Fox News, the three major broadcast networks — ABC, CBS, NBC — spent less than 30 minutes over the past 18 months covering anything related to Hunter Biden’s laptop that contains trovers of damaging information. 

Given that millions of Americans only get their news from broadcast networks in the evening, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that millions of Americans aren’t even remotely aware of how big of a deal the situation truly is.

It also certainly explains how then-candidate Joe Biden was elected in 2020, as many Americans were completely in the dark that the Biden family was compromised by China and everything else connected to the shady deals made by Hunter Biden.

The details

Thanks to Media Research Center, it’s now clear just how embedded the major networks are with the Biden White House and the Democratic Party in general.

“The analysis found that from October 14, 2020 through the morning of April 18, 2022, the three networks spend only 25 minutes and six seconds combined on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal over 18 months,” the report read.

This data was analyzed across all news shows on the major networks, including weekend news shows, such as CBS’ Face the Nation.

ABC truly went to great lengths to cover for the Biden regime, spending only 58 seconds — over 18 months — covering what is otherwise one of the biggest political scandal stories of the decade.

The report added: “NBC managed to find nine minutes and six seconds for it, while CBS dedicated 15 minutes and two seconds.”

Broadcast news matters

As previously stated, while many Americans catch their news on cable channels, millions of Americans still depend on broadcast news for their information.

Between the three broadcast news networks, their primetime nightly new programs pull in an average of 20 million viewers combined.

As long as they keep covering the overwhelming proof of corruption that runs all throughout the Biden family, millions will remain in the dark.

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