Major advertiser drops Tucker Carlson over immigration statement

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson just lost a major sponsor over immigration.

After Carlson made a bold statement on the negative economic effects of mass immigration, Pacific Life sent out a tweet to let Carlson and Fox know it was canceling its ad spend.

Not the Right Message

“[A]s an economic matter, this is insane,” Carlson said on his show Thursday night. “It’s indefensible, so nobody even tries to defend it. Instead, our leaders demand that you shut up and accept this. We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided.”

“Immigration is a form of atonement,” he went on. “Previous leaders of our country committed sins. So, we must pay for those sins by welcoming an endless chain of migrant caravans. That’s the argument.”

Watch below:

Carlson was exploring a long-held narrative, one that was once supported by Democrats, by the way, that mass immigration can be harmful to the existing communities.

If you roll the clock back just a few years, this was an argument liberals were making from the highest of pulpits as a way to slow down immigration.

Today, however, looking to limit immigration apparently makes you a racist.

The Backlash

Pacific Life had no sooner sent out its tweet when Carlson supporters fired back.

There were dozens of people that said they would be canceling their insurance plans with the company within minutes of the post being made.

As Pacific Life has the right to advertise wherever it wants, so do Americans in spending their hard-earned cash.

One cannot help but question how Pacific Life treats other outlets where it advertises.

Is the company holding each and every show or publication it sponsors to the same level of scrutiny?

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Our guess would be no.

Cancelling Fox News advertising has suddenly become the “in thing” to do to make a splash, but we would suspect it will do for more harm to their bottom line than it will to help their company “image.”

Fox, however, wasn’t fazed by Pacific Life’s virtue-signaling, or by Media Matters, the progressive activist site which first kicked up a fuss about Carlson’s comments. “It is a shame that left-wing advocacy groups, under the guise of being supposed ‘media watchdogs’ weaponize social media against companies in an effort to stifle free speech. We continue to stand by and work with our advertisers through these unfortunate and unnecessary distractions,” a Fox spokeswoman said in a statement.

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