Mainstream media spends seven seconds covering “Twitter Files”

Elon Musk shocked America when he released the “Twitter Files,” which detailed correspondence between Twitter and the federal government on censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

However, despite Musk confirming that Twitter worked to protect Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020, the mainstream media shocked no one by collectively ignoring the story. ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN’s Sunday shows only covered the story for a grand total of seven seconds.

Accounting for the whole weekend, things weren’t much better, with CNN dedicating just ten minutes to the story.

Circling the wagons

The Democrat Party’s propaganda wing jumped into high gear to circle the wagons and protect the Biden administration.

Some journalists went a step further by outright denying the validity of the files.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs tweeted that “Even as Elon Musk tried to build anticipation for release of old Twitter internal emails related to decision to restrict access to NY Post article about laptop purportedly owned by Hunter Biden, materials shared Friday broke little ground, per @KurtWagner8″

Jacob’s use of the word “purportedly” implied that the infamous laptop has not been proven to belong to Hunter Biden.

The behavior of the mainstream media and their journalists this week is the definition of willfully spreading misinformation.

This will not surprise Americans who have realized that the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and ABC are dedicated to protecting Democrats no matter what.

Big Tech is a tool

Elon Musk’s release of the “Twitter Files” proved that Big Tech is being used by the federal government to control information and influence elections.

The Hunter Biden laptop story was massive and could very well have changed the course of the 2020 presidential election. Biden’s allies worked overtime to ensure that the story was crushed.

Republicans need to use the information that Musk has released and go after the FBI and DOJ for using private companies to suppress freedom of speech and influence elections.

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