Maine’s activist Supreme Court overrules GOP governor’s attempts to stop Obamacare

The lame duck GOP governor in Maine was just dealt a massive blow.

Governor Paul LePage’s fight against the Obamacare Medicaid expansion is over, at least for now, after the State Supreme Court dismissed his appeal.

Medicaid Expansion

The fight against expanding the Medicaid program in Maine has been an epic battle for LePage.

Six times the legislation has come across his desk.

And each time he has vetoed it.

The latest expansion legislation came after the measure passed in a November vote.

LePage was to have submitted his two-page State Plan Amendment in April, but he failed to do so.

Instead, LePage took the battle to the courts.

In June, a Superior Court Judge ruled against him, so LePage had appealed the decision.

A stay was put in place until the case could be heard.

The latest ruling, however, has put LePage in a very difficult spot.

The Plan

If the plan goes through, it will expand coverage for people under 65 qualifying for medical assistance.

The plan, which will be 90 percent subsidized by the federal government — meaning our tax dollars — is supposed to cover those earning up to 138 percent of the current poverty level.

Currently, that is $16,753 for individuals and $34,638 for a family of four.

LePage is out of terms and will leave office this January.

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The Republican primary winner has already vowed to continue LePage’s fight.

The Democrat running, however, is committed to moving forward with the plan.

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