Governor of Maine says he probably won’t certify election results

The Republican governor of Maine has just turned liberals on their ears.

After a “ranked-choice system” was using in Maine’s primary elections, Gov. Paul LePage said he may not certify the election results.

A new system

A new voting system was recently installed in Maine called the ranked-choice system.

Basically, it is meant to prevent votes from being “wasted” by fringe candidates.

Voters must rank their candidates in their preferred order.

If their first choice does not meet the voting threshold established, their vote automatically falls to their second choice.

The governor of Maine, Republican Roy LePage, has been adamant about fighting the new system.

In fact, he recently stated he would “probably” not certify the election results for the primary election.

His plan is to get the courts to decide if the new election system is valid or not.

Slowly but surely

This voting system may be new to Maine, but it is already in place in several other parts of the country.

There are currently 10 American cities using this voting method, including Portland, ME.

There are also five additional cities that expect to have ranked-choice in place over the next couple of years.

Six other locations have adopted the voting system, and are either awaiting its implementation or using it for special contingencies.

Futhermore, five full states and one city have this system in place for overseas voters in runoff elections: Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Springfield, IL.

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Many conservatives believe the voting system is a complete farce and works to manipulate the system.

LePage himself stated: “Maine people [are] continually…snookered by out-of-state big money and out-of-state people.” No more, if he has anything to do with it.

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