Maine Republican blames Kavanaugh vote for loss of support

It is no secret the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings polarized this country like no other confirmation for a Supreme Court justice has done.

One Republican, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, believes her support for Kavanaugh has cost her votes and could eventually cost her the Senate seat she has held since 1997.

Controversial Justice

The confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh were more about Donald Trump than they were Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats had absolutely no desire to allow Donald Trump a second appointment to the highest court in the country.

As such, every attempt was made to not only attack the character of Trump but also his nominee.

Out of nowhere, a man with an impeccable history had sexual misconduct allegations levied against him. In the end, those allegations were either debunked or could not be proven.

Eventually, as we all know, Kavanaugh was confirmed, but the final few votes were votes several Senators struggled to cast, with one of those “yea” votes coming from Sen. Collins.

Costing Her Votes

Sadly, that single vote cast by Collins has cost her support in her home state. Even though the allegations against Kavanaugh were never proven, some women’s groups have refused to let that fire die.

Collins took painstaking measures to explain her voting process and why she supported Kavanaugh’s appointment, but that does not seem to matter to these groups or individual voters.

This is a painful fact made very clear in Collins’ most recent approval and disapproval ratings. Her approval rating has dropped eight points, from 53 to 45. Even more worrisome is the fact her disapproval rating has soared by 10 points, from a very respectable 38% to 48%.

Collins is one of those representatives whose re-election has been virtually automatic for years, but that may not be the case this time, a fact of which she is well aware.

Senator Collins did the right thing in backing the Kavanaugh confirmation, but she is now paying the price for doing so and may continue to pay that price in very dear fashion if she is ousted from office.

Collins is one of 22 Republican seats up for grabs in the Senate, with Democrats having 12 seats up in this cycle. With such a slim margin in the Senate, hers is a seat we can ill afford to lose.

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