Maine newspaper’s editorial board demands Trump’s resignation

Newspapers across the country have regularly endorsed U.S. presidents, but it is a rare occasion indeed when they demand the resignation of one.

The editorial board at the Portland Press Herald, one of the largest publications in Maine, however, did just that in an op-ed that was published on Friday, titled, “Our View: To President Trump: You should resign now.”

Trump visits Maine

President Trump headed to Maine on Friday to have a roundtable discussion with fishing industry leaders. Afterward, Trump toured the Puritan Medical Products factory.

When the president arrived, the streets were lined with both supporters and protesters, reflecting a perfect picture of what America is like right now. The Bangor Daily News published some pictures on Friday showing a collage of how the day went as well as how the president was received during his trip.

Trump, however, received another greeting during his trip, and that was a scathing op-ed from the Press Herald demanding that he resign.

Resign now

The editors did not pretend to have an open ear and was littered with misinformation. For instance, they wrote, “We are also in the middle of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. There is no national strategy to recover from the shock that is disproportionately affecting people who were already struggling to make it.”

That is far from true. Both the President and Republicans have painted a very clear picture of how to reopen the economy and incentives this administration wants to offer to put a charge into the recovery on a federal basis.

However, the responsibility to reopen states lies with governors, not the president, so the publication may want to rethink that approach to attack Trump.

The editors also claimed that “you gleefully tweeted about shooting fellow citizens,” which is yet another shameless stretch and/or interpretation of what Trump said.

They also accused Trump of not addressing the nation during this crisis, which is another falsehood, but after all, who is going to fact-check the editorial board, right?

The op-ed ended with, “America needs to heal. Please resign now, and let us begin.”

This is just another example of the blatant bias and misinformation the media is feeding Americans today. We would suggest it not be Trump that resigns but the editorial board of the Portland Press Herald, as they seem completely incapable of reporting the facts and letting the American people decide for themselves.

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