Bill Maher suggests Trump’s coronavirus response warrants a second attempt at impeachment

It was only a matter of time before Democrats tried to impeach President Donald Trump again.

According to the Washington Examiner, HBO host and left-wing comedian Bill Maher is now arguing that Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis warrants “an impeachable offense” worse “than what [the president] did with Ukraine or Russia.”

Round 2?

Maher’s comments came on Saturday in an interview with Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT).

During the discussion, the comedian claimed that Trump is playing favorites when it comes to coronavirus aid.

“I find one of the most galling parts of this is that the president is favoring certain states over the others,” Maher said, according to the Examiner. “Governors who are nice to him, as he calls it, get a lot of attention and all the equipment they want.”

And, according to Maher, this is a far worse than the charges that left Trump impeached by the House late last year.

“To me, this is even more of an impeachable offense than what he did with Ukraine or Russia,” Maher said, according to The Washington Times. “How do you stop a president who is blatantly not the president of every state equally. How do you stop a president who sends aid to Florida, for example, because he likes the governor there, but not here to California or Illinois or Massachusetts?”

Bernie joins in

That’s when Sanders chimed in. The Vermont senator called the president’s coronavirus response “literally beyond comprehension.”

“We have a president who has done so much harm in this entire process, who has downplayed the crisis from day one, which will cost us,” Sanders said, according to the Times. “And his actions — or inactions in not listening to the scientists and spouting off ridiculous ideas — [are], in fact, going to cost the lives of many thousands of Americans.”

Sanders went on to answer Maher’s question about how to stop Trump: “To answer your question, Congress has got to step up to the plate and step up big-time.”

But for his part, Sanders’ chances at getting in the White House himself remain slim. He’s currently trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the primary race, and with future primary elections in limbo, some have wondered if a brokered convention could be the Democrats’ fate after all.

In the meantime, it looks like the Dems are going to keep pushing for Trump’s ouster. Even during a pandemic, it seems to be the only plan they have.

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