Bill Maher says he doesn’t believe that Kavanaugh’s daughter said to pray for Ford

HBO’s political hack, Bill Maher, has sunk even lower than we thought he could go.

During his most recent episode of Real Time, Maher said he did not believe Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter wanted to pray for her father’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, as Kavanaugh alleged in his opening statement of his testimony on Thursday.

Just Acting

As expected, Maher, a super-liberal, came out on the attack against Judge Kavanaugh.

Maher thought Kavanaugh’s entire testimony was nothing more than a rehearsed act.

“So, this performance he put on yesterday, I always say, you know, acting is not that hard,” Maher said.

Not only did he say Maher’s outrage was an act, but he also took a cheap shot at Kavanaugh’s daughter.

“I’m just saying,” Maher continued, “I believe that was acting, and I also don’t even believe that his 10-year-old daughter said let’s pray for that woman.”

In addition to Kavanaugh, Maher also accused Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) of putting on a show.

What He Forgot to Say

We shouldn’t be surprised that Maher was hardly critical of Ford — but her testimony was far from credible.

This is a woman that is very well-educated, yet acted as though she did not know what the word “exculpatory” meant.

She is a well-respected researcher, but she said she could not figure out how to work GoFundMe pages.

Ford went over the top in an effort to portray herself as a frail little country bumpkin — so much so, in fact, that it was obvious to everyone that had not already made up their mind that every word that came out of her mouth should be treated as gospel.

The reality here is that in the eyes of liberals, Kavanaugh was doomed no matter how he came out.

If he came out angry, it was an act, or he was unhinged.

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If he came out calmly, they would have said he was clearly hiding his guilt.

It is just a shame people like Maher did not look as closely at Ford’s testimony as they did Kavanaugh’s.

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