Maher rips Biden as elderly ‘grandpa’ that ‘just goes along’ with what leftist ‘grandchildren’ demand

It has been surmised by some that President Joe Biden, due to his age and apparent cognitive decline, is not fully aware or even in charge of his own administration and only says and does what his younger aides and Democratic Party associates tell him to say and do.

Liberal comedian Bill Maher seemingly shares that sentiment, as the HBO host recently compared President Biden to a “grandpa” that “just goes along” with what his grandchildren want without actually understanding what it is that they are asking him for, Breitbart reported.

Biden a “grandpa” unwittingly guided by leftist “grandchildren”

Those remarks from Maher came during the “Overtime” portion of his “Real Time” program on HBO, during which he was joined by Politico’s White House Editor Sam Stein and New York Times newsletter author John McWhorter for a brief additional discussion of a handful of topics.

The conversation first focused on the future prospects of a newly emerged centrist third party and how it might succeed in forcing the Democratic Party to reverse its leftward momentum and shift back toward the middle in order to broaden its appeal to more American voters.

At one point, Stein suggested that Joe Biden was really a centrist candidate and “is not a radical,” but Maher interrupted to quip that Biden “bends to the radicals,” which the Politico journalist agreed with and added that it was “part of the problem” the president faced in terms of not meeting the expectations of certain constituencies.

Maher went on to suggest that a new “sensible middle party” would ultimately “force the Democrats to go back to being the sensible middle party.”

“I mean, Biden reminds me of some grandfather and when AOC and the woke people come into his office, he just goes along,” the comedian joked in reference to far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her progressive leftist comrades who have pushed Biden to embrace a variety of far-left progressive policies.

“He doesn’t really understand it. It’s like, ‘grandpa, can we have money to go play Fortnite?'” Maher added. “And he’s like, ‘yeah, just take it. I don’t know what Fortnite is. I don’t know what TikTok is. Just get out of my hair.'”

“Grandpa” Biden losing young voters

There may well be an element of truth to what Maher said about Biden, but if so, it hasn’t worked out particularly well for “Grandpa Joe,” at least according to a recent FiveThirtyEight analysis of the president’s plummeting approval and support among young voters — the “grandchildren” in Maher’s analogy.

That analysis suggested that young voters, like all other voting blocs, were overwhelmingly concerned about the state of the economy and inflation and the wrong track that the nation was clearly on, which factored heavily into another major concern particular to that group — a worry that they would be unable to achieve a level of financial independence that historically has marked full-fledged adulthood.

A lot of young voters are also reportedly concerned about the Biden team’s “limited progress” on addressing things like climate change or student loan debt, despite Biden’s pie-in-the-sky promises to the contrary, which, as Stein noted to Maher, has fueled disappointment over unmet expectations and broken promises.

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