Madonna praises children for supporting her during hospitalization

 April 27, 2024

Madonna, who was popular in the 80s and 90s and described as the "Queen of Pop," opened up about her hospitalization and "near death" situation that unfolded last year. 

According to CNN, the pop singer gave props to her children, who are part of her "Celebration" tour, and said they kept her going after she recovered from her scary health situation.

Madonna noted that rehearsals for her tour began over a year ago, and there was a two-month break included to give her time to heal from her hospitalization.

She said that during that time, her children, who are featured on the tour, never stopped practicing and giving it their all while supporting their mother and "cheering" her on.

What did she say?

Madonna opened up about the situation in a recent Instagram post, showering her children with praise for sticking through it all.

"On the day before our 80th show of the Celebration Tour I need to acknowledge my incredibly talented children who carried me through this Journey each of them bringing their own unique talent to the stage," the pop singer wrote.

She added, "Rehearsals began over a year ago with almost a 2 month break waiting for me recover from a near death experience. They never stopped practicing… they never stopped cheering me on and supporting me. There enthusiasm kept me Going!!!"

Madonna also acknowledged her children for still attending school and sticking to rehearsals every night, despite all of the chaos.

"They were also going to school and rehearsing every night. !! . am so very proud of all of them," she wrote.

"I think what my children learned the most this year of rehearsing and performing is that if you want to follow your dreams, you have to work hard for them. And if all of them choose something different later in life, they will never forget this year of blood, sweat, and tears. Nor will I. ♥️ It’s a CELEBRATION!"

What was her issue?

According to Madonna's friend and longtime manager Guy O’Seary, the award-winning pop singer reportedly developed a "serious bacterial infection" that landed her in the ICU at the time.

She was reportedly in the hospital for several days before she was released, and did most of her recovery at home.

Specifics regarding the type of infection she had or how she contracted it were not made available.

Along with her children, who perform in various roles during the show, Madonna just completed her 80th "Celebration" tour show on Friday in Mexico.

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