Madonna claims she moved to Portugal over Trump presidency

Fading pop star Madonna took a nasty swipe at President Trump during a recent interview with Vogue Italia.

Madonna stated she “needed a change,” so she moved to Portugal because “this is not America’s finest hour.”

Escaping Trump

Madonna has made no secret as to her contempt for President Trump.

During the Women’s March in January 2017, Madonna unleashed a profanity-laced assault and even threatened the President.

Madonna at one point cited the election of Trump as a “horrific moment” that was needed to wake everyone the “F*** up.”

She went on to paint a picture of one of the darkest times in our country’s history.

However, after that speech, rather than stay and fight for what she deemed to be important, she moved to Portugal and blamed it on Trump.

Not Really True

Reading further into the interview, it is quite apparent Madonna is being a bit sensationalistic about her reason for leaving.

It is actually quite clear she moved due to her son.

Madonna stated, “My son David, who is going to be 13 on September 24th, has wanted to play soccer professionally for years.”

“I’ve been desperate to get him into the best academies with the best coaches, but the level of football in America is much lower than the rest of the world,” she added.

By football, she means soccer.

Taking those comments into consideration, it would appear the needs of her child are the actual reason she left, not Trump.

Were she able to find adequate coaching here, she would clearly have remained in America.

Instead, she has the ability to move wherever she wants and have her child coached by what she deemed to be the best in the sports because of the opportunity created for her right here in America.

This is a clear case of hypocrisy and misrepresentation by Madonna.

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She is a rich member of the elite that preaches to regular Americans about alleged hardships that do not even impact her or her lifestyle.

In other words, she is creating a narrative for the sake of getting some press and a few extra headlines, nothing more.

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