Maddow’s ‘bombshell’ Nunes audio falls flat

Rachel Maddow’s “bombshell” announcement turned out to be nothing more than a sensationalistic flop.

Maddow’s “secret” recording of Republican Devin Nunes at a private fundraiser ended up being more speculation than fact.

Something Out of Nothing

Basically, Maddow turned comments that have been made by Nunes on several occasions in public and tried to turn them into some controversial bombshell.

At the root of her claim was Nunes discussing the possible impeachment of Rod Rosenstein.

Maddow stated Nunes’ comments were not like anything we have ever heard him say in public before.

Unfortunately, that is just not true.

On more than one occasion, Nunes has publicly stated if this investigation is not wrapped up and Mueller does not stop wasting taxpayer money, he would move to start the impeachment process.

Virtually every point she made during her show was misleading.

Par for the Course

If Alex Jones can get kicked off the Internet, Maddow should be next.

This is something she does quite often, and sooner or later it is going to hurt her viewership.

A previous example of Maddow doing the same thing was over Trump’s tax returns.

For days, Maddow touted she had some major reveal about Trump’s tax return.

In the end, she proved nothing other than the fact Trump had paid his taxes.

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She is, in essence, doing clickbait on TV.

Those very vocal critics of Jones, Hannity, and other conservative pundits need to start looking inside their own house, because Maddow may be worse than all of them combined.

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