Smallville Actress Allison Mack arrested for sex trafficking

Yet another Hollywood talking head has gone down for a despicable crime.

Allison Mack, an actress on “Smallville” has been arrested and charged in a sex trafficking scandal.

The Scandal

Mack has been tied to the sex “cult” run by Keith Raniere.

While Raniere was the mastermind behind the cult, Mack was allegedly one of his “master” slaves who ordered other women in the cult to have sex with him.

Raniere required the women in the cult to be branded, a process Mack allegedly took part in.

Prosecutors accused her of holding the women down during the branding, telling them to “feel the pain,” that they needed to “think of [their] master” as his initials were being burned into their flesh.

Mack herself was actually recruited into the cult by a fellow star on the show.

Kristin Kreuk allegedly convinced her to join the fold, but later left the cult.

Mack, however, thrived in the cult and rose up through the ranks and was allegedly considered one of Raniere’s highest-ranking members.

Ties to Clinton

When Raniere was arrested last month in Mexico, it was not exactly a good day for the Clintons.

Raniere had been linked to the Clintons through significant donations into Hillary’s presidential campaign.

Several members of Raniere’s cult, NXIVM, were also found to be members of The Clinton Global Initiative.

Membership to that organization is by invitation only.

It also requires members to donate $15,000 every year.

Point being, it is unlikely the Clintons have not sat down and chatted with these individuals at some point and time.

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It is a very reasonable assumption, particularly considering Bill’s past, the Clintons knew these people personally.

And yet, Democrats and liberals still defend this family to no end and tell us how much better we would be had Hillary won the election.

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