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Ret. Army Col. Macgregor slams ‘imploding’ Biden admin over ‘nonsense’ policies fueling military recruitment shortfall

There has been growing concern in recent months about reports that all branches of the U.S. military are falling well short of annual recruitment goals, with military officials offering up a variety of excuses or reasons for the recruiting shortfall — some of which are plausible while others seem detached from reality.

Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, a former top Defense Department adviser, recently suggested that this worrisome situation with the military was just the latest evidence that President Joe Biden’s administration is “imploding” unless it quickly changes course in its military policies, Revolver reported.

Macgregor pointed to certain policies that, while perhaps not initiated under Biden, have substantially grown under his leadership and have weakened the military overall, such as progressive gender diversity and equity training or the vaccine mandate.

The real problems with military recruitment

During an interview on “Real America with Dan Ball,” a recent damning NBC News report on the military recruitment shortfall was referenced by the host and discussed with Macgregor.

That report shockingly revealed that only around 23 percent of Americans aged 17-24 were deemed eligible for military service without having to first obtain a waiver against certain disqualifying factors. Perhaps even more concerning was the revelation that only about 9 percent of Americans in that prime age range actually even wanted to serve the nation in uniform.

“Let’s be frank,” Macgregor said. “If you tell a room full of 18, 19, 20, 21-year-old men that there are any number of young women who can do whatever they can do, why would they want to join the organization at all?”

He argued that men want to join the military to be “challenged” to prove themselves, but the military no longer offers that challenge and instead is focused on progressive training policies like “sensitivity sessions” and “encounter groups” and discussions about pronouns, which is “all a bunch of nonsense” that young enlisted recruits think is stupid and a waste of time.

“That’s our problem, we’re demoralizing the force and the word gets out,” Macgregor said in addition to pointing out the military’s recent “track record” of not winning any major victories.

The host noted that another factor, at least in his view, was the military’s strict COVID-19 vaccine mandate that discouraged new recruits from joining and prompted many veterans to leave the force early, a notion that Macgregor agreed was “true.”

“Administration is close to imploding”

Given all of that and more, Macgregor lamented, “I don’t see any light on the horizon — in fact, every day that passes this administration doubles down on failure, and what do you do with an administration that refuses to recognize that it needs to change course?”

He went on to suggest that the U.S. military was currently incapable of successfully fighting a major power and sharply criticized Biden and others for repeatedly “baiting” Russia into engaging in a broader conflict beyond the ongoing carnage in Ukraine.

“I think all of this is going to collapse. I think this administration is close to imploding, frankly,” Macgregor concluded.