Lydia Clarke Heston, wife of the late Charlton Heston, is dead at 95

This week, we lost the second half of one of the most iconic Hollywood partnerships.

Lydia Clarke Heston, the widow of Charlton Heston, passed away earlier this week at the age of 95.

Rare Air

The Hestons had something we rarely see these days in Hollywood: a marriage that lasts.

After their nuptials in 1944, they remained together until Charlton passed away in 2008.

Those who knew Clarke Heston personally described her as someone with great conviction.

Her son, Fraser, stated: “My mother was very active in the civil rights movement and even marched with Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Fraser also said she was passionate about photography and travel, even though the latter could sometimes be challenging due to her being “prone to sea-sickness.”

Leading Lady

Mrs. Heston not only supported her husband in real life, but she also spent some time with him on the big screen.

Lydia first broke into the acting business in 1952, with an uncredited role in The Greatest Show on Earth.

She dabbled in a few roles over the next two years before landing her best-known role as Mrs. Fraker in Will Penny alongside her husband, who had landed the lead for the 1967 film.

That would, however, serve as her last credited role as an actress.

Mrs. Heston’s death was attributed to complications from pneumonia.

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She is survived by her son Fraser and her daughter Holly, as well as three grandchildren.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Heston.

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