Lunden Roberts says Joe and Jill Biden haven't tried to met granddaughter

By Jen Krausz on
 June 7, 2024

Lunden Roberts, the baby mama of Hunter Biden's illegitimate child Navy Joan, told Piers Morgan in an interview that President Joe Biden and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, have not reached out to meet their granddaughter Navy Joan who is now 5 years old. 

Navy is Hunter Biden's illegitimate child, and Lunden said she has had Zoom meetings with her father but they haven't met in person yet.

She said Navy is aware of her father's busy schedule. “She’s waited five years. She can wait a couple more months,” she said about a face-to-face meeting.

Lunden said she thought about suicide while pregnant but didn't want to harm her daughter. “I went through some pretty dark times emotionally and mentally during that time,” she said.

No words

"I knew that, as long as I was pregnant, I wasn’t going to do anything to myself, because that would harm my child," she said. "So I didn’t think I would do anything to myself while I was pregnant. But I would feel that, after the pregnancy, would it be better for my daughter and for Hunter and everyone else if I wasn’t here? Because it seemed like a scandal, and a burden is what I felt like at those times."

It was also hurtful for Roberts to see in media sources that Biden was denying his paternity and their relationship.

“I can remember just reading it and just not having any words,” she said.

Roberts said she hopes Hunter won't go to jail if convicted on three felony gun charges and that his father will pardon him if necessary.

“I feel like Hunter is one of those people that have always had great potential and he’s an amazing person to know,” Roberts said. “I always hoped that that demon and that addiction wouldn’t just pull him down because I saw it had it sank its claws in him. I always hoped that he was getting help.”

"Door is always open"

She said that she felt the Bidens were waiting until Hunter established a relationship with Navy before they did.

said "the door is always open" on her end for the first couple to meet and spend time with their granddaughter now that the "toxic litigation" between herself and Hunter was over.

President Biden only acknowledged last year that Navy was his grandchild.

This is the video of the interview.

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