Lucy Simon dies within days of her sister Joanna Simon

The New York Times reports that Lucy Simon, the singer and Broadway composer, has died at the age of 82. 

Lucy Simon’s passing comes within a day of her sister Joanna Simon’s passing. Joanna died on Wednesday, at the age of 82, as the result of thyroid cancer, whereas Lucy passed on Thursday from breast cancer.

The tragedy goes even further than this as the sisters’ brother, Peter Simon, died in 2018 at the age of 71, again as the result of cancer.

Now, the only Simon sibling that is left is pop star Carly Simon.

Remembering Lucy and Joanna Simon

The Simons are the children of the well-known publisher Richard Simon and his wife, Andrea. Simon is the Simon in Simon & Schuster publishing.

All four of their children would go on to have professional music careers.

Joanna Simon gained fame in the world of opera, where she was a concert performer in the 1960s. She made frequent television appearances, and, after her opera career came to an end, she became an arts correspondent for PBS, a role which landed her an Emmy in 1991.

Carly and Lucy, on the other hand, were once known as the Simon Sisters. They would go around performing folk songs in such places as Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Greenwich Village in New York City. Carly would go on to have success in the world of pop music, while Lucy went to nursing school while maintaining her music career, in which she would go on to have success composing.

Carly’s statement

Since both of her sisters’ passing, Carly has put out a statement expressing her grief.

“I am filled with sorrow to speak about the passing of Joanna and Lucy Simon,” she said. “Their loss will be long and haunting. As sad as this day is, it’s impossible to mourn them without celebrating the incredible lives that they lived.”

“We were three sisters who not only took turns blazing trails and marking courses for one another,” Carly added, “we were each other’s secret shares. The co-keepers of each other’s memories.”

Luc’s daughter, Julie Simon, also put out a statement, saying, “in the last 2 days, I’ve been by the side of both my mother and my aunt, Joanna, and watched them pass into the next world. I can’t truly comprehend this.”

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