Louisiana Republicans to hold special session to consider overriding Dem governor’s veto

Breitbart reports that Louisiana Republicans are planning to hold a special session this week where they’ll consider overriding Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of a new bill on constitutional carry in the state.

When Gov. Edwards initially vetoed the constitutional carry bill earlier this year, the National Rifle Association (NRA) immediately went to work.

The gun-rights group issued a call to action, saying, “Your NRA is going to STAND and FIGHT back against this UNNECESSARY veto. Louisianans: Contact your Reps and Senator’s ASAP and make sure they support an override session and an override.”

Vying for a win

But Republicans aren’t just planning on protecting the 2nd Amendment with their upcoming special session. According to reports, they are also going after Edwards’ veto of a bill that would ban transgender women from competing in women’s sports.

If they succeed in overriding both vetoes, it would represent a huge victory for the GOP.

But while Republicans dominate the state legislature in Louisiana, their margin for error is incredibly slim. Overriding the governor’s vetoes will require the approval of 2/3 of lawmakers, which means the state GOP cannot afford defectors.

Taking Louisiana

The good news is that the NRA’s campaign to get Louisianans to pressure their representatives to support the override seems to have worked.

“The majority of Senators have heard from their constituents who have asked them to take votes on the veto override,” Senate President Patrick Page Cortez (R) said in a statement, according to The Advocate. “It has become clear that the majority of senators felt compelled to return for the veto session based on constituent feedback.”

Louisianans want to enjoy the rights granted them by the 2nd Amendment, and they want to stop the radical agenda of the left. That pressure may even help Republicans lure a few Democrats into supporting their efforts to override the governor’s vetoes.

Playing the long game

If it indeed comes to fruition, success in Louisiana will only lead to further victories in other states around the nation. It has become clear that if Republicans want to make fundamental progress on defeating the left, they must do it state by state.

Indeed, while Democrats hold both houses of the U.S. Congress, the Democratic Party is much weaker at the state level, as a majority of state legislatures are dominated by Republicans.

The game plan is simple for Republicans in the post-Trump era: Win at the national level to stop the left, and work at the state level to embed the GOP agenda. Victory in Louisiana is just the first step.

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