Lou Dobbs episode pulled by Fox after social media uproar

On Sunday, conservatives were absolutely stunned by a move made by Fox executives.

Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell made a reference to leftist billionaire George Soros during an appearance on Fox Business host Lou Dobbs’ show. The original episode aired without incident, but social media erupted after a repeat episode aired on Saturday night in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, leading the network to pull the Lou Dobbs Tonight episode entirely.

Selective Censorship

Fox has always considered itself one of the most fair mainstream media outlets.

That all changed on Sunday when they selectively censored a guest of Lou Dobbs and pulled the popular host’s entire episode.

Farrell appeared on Dobbs’ show and made comments about the “Soros-occupied State Department” and the Central American migrant caravan.

Farrell, who is a senior Judicial Watch official as well as a “go to” source for Fox News and Fox News Insider, claimed the caravan was being financed by leftists.

He also stated the groups funding the caravan had deep ties to George Soros.

Most of what Farrell said was already public knowledge.

Farrell further stated his information came directly from Guatemalan government officials.

Considering the reputation of Judicial Watch, it is hard to imagine Farrell making such a claim unless it was true.

That, however, was not enough for Fox News executives, as the decision was made to pull the episode from future airings.

Fox News bans Farrell

In addition, Fox News and Fox Business told TheWrap that they would no longer book Farrell for appearances.

A spokesman for Fox News stated, “We condemn the rhetoric by the guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight. This episode was a repeat, which has now been pulled for all future airings.”

What About…

If the network is banning Farrell, one would have to question why this was being done.

Did they believe Farrell’s comments would stoke a fire under some radical?

Did they believe his tying Soros to the caravan would lead to more attempts on the liberal moneyman’s life?

Then we would have to ask about the liberal guests that have appeared on the show, spewing rhetoric against the likes of Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump.

Where was the censorship then?

Fox News and Fox Business are making a conscious decision to limit the information being made available to Americans.

Farrell was not speculating but rather passing along information he received from Guatemalan sources.

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And as for the Soros angle, if it’s now unacceptable, or insensitive, to criticize Soros, then we are in a sad place. Criticizing Soros’ leftist activism is not the same thing as an anti-Semitic attack.

Fox News owes its viewers a more substantiated reason than simply blasting Farrell’s comments as rhetoric. If they have proof he was lying, produce it, otherwise, Fox has some explaining to do.

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