Longtime Obama ally Mohamed Morsi dies in court

One of former President Barack Obama’s more controversial allies suddenly died on Monday while appearing in court.

Ousted Egyptian president and known Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi had a heart attack during his trial and died at the age of 67.

Disgrace to Democracy

Morsi may have been Egypt’s first democratically elected leader, but he surely was no example of how Democracy works. Morsi assumed office in June 2012 and it took only a year for the people of the country to fully revolt against him.

His ouster and subsequent arrest was a very hot topic for then President Obama, as the U.S. president advocated for his release.

Morsi came under fire because soon after he was elected, he went rogue. The former and now late Egyptian leader put a temporary constitution in place that gave him blanket authority.

He had managed to turn a democracy into a dictatorship in less than a year.

The move by Morsi was considered by some to be an “Islamic coup” of the country due to Morsi’s strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama Upset

When Morsi was first arrested, images streamed of him in a cell being detained for his crime of treason.

Then President Obama demanded his release, but his requests fell on deaf ears.

There was later a mass trial where more than 500 supporters of the controversial Egyptian leader were sentenced to death.

Morsi was not exactly a picture of health, and the strain of the last six years clearly took its toll. On Monday, everything came to fruition as he collapsed and died right in the courtroom.

It may not have been the justice people wanted, but it was justice nonetheless.

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