John Dingell, longest-serving member of Congress, dies at 92

A man that spent virtually his entire adult life in Congress passed away this week.

Michigan Democrat John Dingell, who spent more than 59 years in Congress, died on Thursday at age 92.

Almost Six Decades in Office

Dingell holds the current record for days in office by an elected Representative at 21,572 days in office.

That adds up to nearly six decades!

Dingell more or less inherited the seat from his father, who had held it from 1932 to 1955, and remained in office until January 2015.

Saying that he was tired of the “obnoxious” partisanship in Congress, Dingell announced his retirement in 2014 and passed on the seat to his wife Debbie.

Congress is literally the Dingell family business.

Time for Term Limits?

If there was ever a case to make for term limits, this is it.

Our government was never meant to be a career. The Framers and Founding Fathers established this government to be representative of the people.

Virtually every form of government representation, from local to federal, has a term limit on how long one can serve. The biggest exceptions? Two of the most powerful positions in the government: Senate and Congress.

Change is important because our representatives need to reflect their constituents. Far too many voters get comfortable with a name simply because he or she has held that office for so long.

Politicians like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been earning taxpayer-funded paychecks for decades. Their only concern is staying in office, not representing the voters of this country. That’s a problem.

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