London murder rate hits highest levels in over a decade under Mayor Sadiq Khan

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has had some rather harsh words for Trump since elected to office. But perhaps he should take care of his own backyard first.

According to Breitbart, London just experienced its worst murder rate of the decade in 2019, with 149 untimely deaths. 

Violence in London

According to The Guardian, Khan has slammed Trump on his travel bans, immigration orders, and just about everything else you can imagine.

When Trump came to England on an official state visit, Khan boycotted the events (although it was unclear if he was ever actually invited) and stated the Queen never should have rolled out the red carpet for him.

Trump has responded in kind, offering criticisms of the violence that has taken place under Khan’s watch.

Last year, 149 people were murdered in London, the most since 154 were killed in 2008. This was also a significant increase over 2018, when 135 people were killed in the city.

What people really need to pay attention to, though, is how these murders were committed. According to reports, the majority of these murders were stabbing incidents. In all, the report stated that 90 were killed with knives, up from a high of 55 in 2014.

The city sees thousands of violent crimes involving knives each year, with many of those ending with critical injuries or death.

The wrong direction

Liberals are not going to want to hear this, but Donald Trump is not the reason the world is becoming a more violent place.

London is a perfect example. Despite some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, the homicide rates continue to climb. London experiences an average of 40 crimes involving knives each day, proving that evil always finds a way to do evil.

What’s worse is that as critical as Khan has been of Trump, he does not have a clue how to stop the violence in his own city, despite the population of Khan’s city being less than one percent of the population of the U.S.

Residents of the city are noticing too. Khan will be challenged in the next election by conservative Shaun Bailey; only time will tell how long Khan keeps the keys to the city.

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