Liz Cheney fears for due process if Kavanaugh not confirmed

There is something very important at stake in this Supreme Court nomination process — and it’s not Brett Kavanaugh’s career.

The very concept of “due process” is at stake, something that was recently pointed out by Liz Cheney, who tweeted:

What About Evidence?

If we were to convict every alleged assaulter in this country without actual evidence, we would be in very bad shape.

Everyone fell in love with Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford and her emotional testimony before the Judiciary Committee.

What everyone is missing, however, is the fact there is no actual proof of her claim.

For all intents and purposes, Ford’s claim is no different than those from the maniac on the corner preaching that the end of the world is coming.

Ford’s witnesses have even issued statements countering her testimony.


While everyone is demanding an investigation into Kavanaugh, no one is questioning Ford’s character.

We already know she was more or less lying about her fear of flying.

We also know she was either lying or her lawyers did not fully inform her about the Judiciary Committee being willing to fly out to California and meet her.

Additionally, Ford contends she knew Kavanaugh in high school, and ran in the same circles as him.

That claim, however, has been denied by not only Kavanaugh but also by Ford’s best friend at the time.

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Yet, even with all the actual facts lined up against Ford, Kavanaugh is still being assumed guilty without a shred of evidence.

As Cheney put it, we should all be very worried about due process, because it may not exist any longer after this confirmation hearing is completed.

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