‘Little House on the Prairie’ star Katherine McGregor dies at 93

Another major 1970s TV star has passed away.

Katherine McGregor, best-known for her role as Harriet Olsen on Little House on the Prairiepassed away at the age of 93 earlier this week.

Her Star

Little House was one of the most popular shows of the time.

While sitcoms were beginning to take over nightly TV, viewers still tuned in every week for wholesome family entertainment.

In all, McGregor was in 153 episodes of the show.

She played a mean-spirited gossip.

It is reasonable to say she was the arch-enemy of the main family, the Ingalls, on the show.

Real Life

But unlike her on-screen persona, McGregor was actually a caring woman, which was made quite evident by the outpouring of affection that came from her former co-stars following her death.

After news of her passing circulated, Melissa Gilbert made an emotional post on social media expressing her thoughts about the late Katherine McGregor.

“The thing people outside of our prairie family didn’t know was how loving and nurturing she was with the younger cast,” Gilbert said.

With her character being so mean-spirited, McGregor looked for ways to improve the perception of her character.

She once said: “Anyone that mean has to be a fool.”

But Hollywood presented some challenges for McGregor when she first broke into acting.

“It was a rude awakening coming to Hollywood. I was used to doing juicy parts on the stage,” she said, “they didn’t know what to do with me.”

She had actually all but given up when a role on Little House came up.

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Thankfully, she stuck around long enough to entertain us all for many years.

She will be missed.

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